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The non-profit TUN-Fonds is committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development. In this regard, projects are sponsored if they contribute to energy efficiency, environmentally conscious use of telecommunications and the conservation and protection of the environment, nature and species. The potential of telecommunications and mobile devices should be used creatively in these projects.

The TUN Fonds is an autonomous legal entity under the supervision of the governmental Fonds Authority. It was founded by T-Mobile Austria, who is also responsible for the financial endowment. The Fonds solely disposes its financial means according to its statutes. With the establishment of the TUN Fonds T-Mobile demonstrates its commitment to sustainable corporate behavior.

Philosophy and vision

With the motto „Together We Can“ in mind, we support innovative projects with the means of prize money, which have a significant and positive impact on solving environmental problems and contributes to sustainability. It is our vision that information and communication technologies can contribute to resolving the challenges we face rather than being part of the problem. The selected projects, which are sponsored by the Fonds should provide the necessary momentum.


The total prize money amounts to 50.000 Euros (including the sponsorship prize for school projects).

The submitted projects should already have the rudiments to be realized. At least 25% of the overall costs of the projects have to be financed by other means than the TUN Fonds.

Next to the main prizes, there is also a sponsorship prize of 3000 Euros for school projects. These school projects should focus on the protection of the environment and sustainability particularly by exploring the use of telecommunications and mobile devices.

The goal of this sponsorship prize is to recognize the efforts of pupils, classes and schools which normally do not have the means to achieve a broader recognition. However, schools are also welcome to submit projects in the main categories, if they fulfill the criteria.

Application process

The submission phase to the TUN-Fonds is officially over. The next submission phase will be announced in early 2018. Subscribe to our email newsletter to stay up to date by writing us at

Start-up consulting and incubation

In addition to the monetary prizes Impact Hub Vienna awards one of the winning projects with the participation in a four-month long incubation program. Start-up consulting and incubation of impact-oriented projects is a major factor to maximize impact.

The Impact Hub Vienna community is made up of social businesses addressing challenges both locally and globally. Members enjoy a global platform connecting them to 7000+ like-minded entrepreneurs, access to training and support, touchdown meeting and work spaces and a program of lectures, training workshops, community networking events and incubation programs. The link between Impact Hub Vienna and TUN-Fonds is the desire to make a joint contribution to the solution of environmental problems and sustainability issues.

The Impact Hub Vienna awards a winning team of the TUN-Fonds with access to the Impact Hub Vienna Accelerator Program. This includes:

  • Connect+ membership for four months in the Impact Hub Vienna
  • Conjunction with relevant stakeholders and access to over 7000 members in the global network of the Impact Hub
  • Individual expert advice & project coaching
  • Project assessment of the development status at the beginning of the incubation phase (milestone planning, goal setting)
  • Workshops on various topics (marketing, accounting / controlling, impact measurement and much more.)


The T-Mobile Environment and Sustainability Fonds was founded in 2011 by T-Mobile on the basis of the federal Trust and Foundation Act.

This means that the Fonds is an independent legal entity under the supervision of the governmental Fonds Authority. The money which is placed in the Fonds can only be disposed of by the independent Fonds institutions according to the legal statutes.

If the Fonds is being annulled the remaining funds must be allocated to non-profit purposes. The amount of 500.000 Euros submitted by T-Mobile, must be reassessed in a sustainable form. Additionally, T-Mobile is funding the prize money with 50.000 Euros.

The actors

The Advisory Board of the Fonds appoints the Managing Committee and the members of the jury. Furthermore, the Advisory Board is also responsible for controlling the funds and the reassessment-strategy.

The Managing Committee, which is appointed by the Advisory Board is the managing institution.

The Jury selects the projects, which are to be funded by the Fonds. The jury can choose the projects, which have been pre-selected by the expert committee.

This Expert Committee verifies whether all projects fulfill the submission criteria and present the Jury with a pre-selection of submitted projects.

The founder T-Mobile Austria continues to act as a sponsor and supports the TUN Fonds from a financial and organizational perspective.